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Do you find yourself searching for peace in your life?  Is there a restlessness in your heart that nothing seems to satisfy?  You are not alone.  So many in this world today are in the same place.  Here in this first of a two part message, Pastor Ryan guides us through some very important scriptures that tell us the source of peace and life; the Holy Spirit.  There are, however, things that can stand in the way of that.  Namely, us.  Listen as we see what the Bible has to say about peaceful living..

In this message, we look at a wonderful account in the book of Luke, that gives us a picture of how we ought to serve the Lord. He has given us life through Christ, and we are to live our life for Him now. Listen below for more.

Sermon archive

Here is where you will find all of the past sermons.  There are series in Mark, Psalms, and a study called Beginnings that takes a bird's eye view of the Old Testament. Our latest additions are a series on the meaning of life, and a look at Joseph.  Head on over and enjoy!

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