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Our choices carry great power.  The small choices, even though they seem insignificant, actually set the tone of our lives.  In this sermon we walk through the latter part of Romans 6 as Paul lays out the importance of our choices.

One of the greatest problems we face as a Christian is the failure to realize our identity in Christ.  Too often we live silent scared and powerless lives because we don’t fully understand just who we are, and what He does for us.  The scripture is clear on our position in Christ and the power that fact will bring in our every day living.  Join us as we look to this wonderful passage.

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Here is where you will find all of the past sermons.  There are series in Mark, Psalms, and a study called Beginnings that takes a bird's eye view of the Old Testament. Our latest additions are a series on the meaning of life, and a look at Joseph.  Head on over and enjoy!

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