We are a church that worships God in all that we do.  Everything is done to glorify Him, from singing to preaching.  Families are central to our church.  There are Sunday school classes for all ages, followed by a traditional worship service.  The preaching is straight from the Word of God.  We look forward to having you!


Feel free to come just as you are!  You will see some wearing suits, some wearing jeans, and some in "business casual".  The only dress code is that you wear clothes!


Right before the preaching, you will see an offering plate passed around as the piano plays.  This is so that the members can give their offering, and visitors are never expected to give.


We love having the whole family in services.  It is great for kids to be part of what we do.  Don't worry if they make noise; all kids do (and some adults)!  If you need assistance, the wonderful ladies of the church are always willing to lend a helping hand.


We love the traditional hymns, the way they used to be sung.  Grab a book and make a joyful noise to the Lord!